Assessment and treatment: £55 (1-1.5 hours)

The initial assessment can take up to an hour and a half. A full history of the horse will be taken followed by assessment of the horse’s paces. This will include observing the horse walk and trot on a hard surface, as well as seeing the horse move in circles as well as in rein back

If appropriate, the horse may need to be seen on the lunge as well as ridden. The horses muscles, soft tissue and joints will be palpated and its Range of Motion (RoM) will be tested. An individual treatment programme will then be planned accordingly.

Points to be aware of when booking an appointment:

  • The horse will need to be held by the owner or a competent handler at all times.
  • It may be necessary to see the tack, so please have this available.

Travel Costs on a distance basis

0 – 10 miles No charge11 – 20 Miles £521 – 30 Miles £10
31 – 40 Miles £1541 – 50 Miles £2051 – 60 Miles £30

Note: Discounts are available for block sessions (should several sessions be required). Travel costs can also be split if more than one animal is to be treated at the same yard.

For more information, please call me on 07591 712 902 or email me at