As specialists in equine and canine rehabilitation, we provide expert care and treatment for your animals.

Cotswold Vet Physio treats horses and dogs for a wide variety of conditions, providing them with the dedicated care and attention that will help them recover from injury, relieve their pain and enable them to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

Unlike humans, animals cannot easily express where their pain lies. While some conditions will appear obvious, there are others – such as behavioural and schooling problems together with reduced performance – that can all be due to pain, joint stiffness or muscle weakness.

We find that animals respond well to physiotherapy and its associated techniques, including soft tissue mobilisation and electrotherapy, as well as specific rehabilitation and exercise programmes that we develop on behalf of your animal.

Our therapy is provided at your home or yard upon referral from a veterinary surgeon. You can certainly contact us directly for further advice and support and we can then organise any referral from your vet on your behalf.

Common Conditions Treated:

Trauma and soft tissue injuries



Back problems

Uneven wearing of horseshoes/hooves

Orthopaedic conditions

Pre- and post operative pain control

Neurological conditions

Age-related joint and mobility problems


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